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Brazilian Accounting
for Multinational

equence of flags from different countries, including Brazil, Germany, Spain, Canada, France, United States, China, Russia, Netherlands and Australia, representing the global scope of services offered by 'Accounting for Multinationals'.

Brazilian Accounting for International Business: English fluent accountants at your disposal.

Efficient connection between Brazil and the world!

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Accounting for Multinational Companies in Brazil

OSP specializes in Brazilian accounting and financial solutions for Multinationals. Our goal is to ensure that your company can expand its operations in Brazil in a safe, sustainable and efficient way.


Brazilian Accounting

Specialized accountants for multinational corporations aim to align with Brazilian standards while adhering to regulations in their home country and following headquarters' guidelines.

Tax Planning

In addition to efficient Accounting Management, count on up-to-date Tax Planning that is capable of identifying cost saving opportunities and contributing to growth.

Multilingual Support

Count on our team to overcome language and geographic barriers. Receive assistance in Portuguese and English from all departments. Practicality and transparency in everyday life.

One-stop shop

We provide a comprehensive and efficient solution for all the tax, fiscal, and regulatory requirements of multinational corporations, ensuring consistency and quality across all areas.

Management and Smart Reports

Generation of personalized reports in English according to the demands of the head office. Intelligent reports that contribute to decision-making and simplify financial management.

Full Integration

Gain access to a secure software system that consolidates data and records all activities. Efficiently share strategic information with various units and decision-makers.

Other Brazilian Accounting solutions for Multinationals

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How Brazilian Accounting Advisory for Multinationals works

To provide a specialized and efficient solution for Multinationals, our approach encompasses three pillars: Tax Planning, Accounting, and Payroll.

Group of six from OSP Contabilidade in a planning session, with a man gesturing to a laptop and attentive colleagues around the table.


Tax Planning

We conduct comprehensive analyses of both local and international tax regulations to ensure strict compliance with tax obligations, mitigating any potential risks or penalties.

Moreover, we continuously explore lawful and ethical avenues to minimize costs and optimize the tax burden. We collaborate closely with the company’s headquarters to formulate tax strategies that align with the company’s sustainable growth.


Accounting for Multinational Companies

Through a close partnership, we comprehend your operational processes and requirements to provide a customized solution aligned with your objectives.

Rely on a team of bilingual accountants with expertise in multinational enterprises, dedicated to delivering swift and effective solutions for everyday challenges. Adhere to headquarters’ deadlines and directives.

OSP Contabilidade presenter standing showing bar charts on a monitor to a team of five attentive women in a conference room.
A team of six members from OSP Contabilidade meeting around a table with laptops, actively discussing under the natural light of the office.


Payroll for Multinational Companies in Brazil

In addition to handling Tax and Accounting matters, we also take responsibility for offering guidance and enhancing the practical application of the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT) in alignment with your company’s unique reality and objectives.

Our aim is to assist you in reducing risks, streamlining processes, and ensuring transparency in your operations. We achieve this through secure software that meticulously records all transactions, eliminating the need for paper documentation.

Receive assistance in Accounting for Multinational Companies in Brazil

Speak to an accountant specializing in multinationals and discover the most sustainable path to achieving your goals.

Request proposal

Initiate the process by clicking the button below. Complete the provided form with essential details, and anticipate contact from our dedicated customer service team.

Consult with an accountant

Subsequently, engage in a conversation with a seasoned accountant, leveraging our extensive four-decade experience in catering to the industrial sector.

Get your proposal

In summary, you will receive a fully tailored Brazilian Accounting Advisory proposal crafted to meet your precise needs, guaranteeing the utmost efficiency.

Dedicated Accountants for Industrial Enterprises and Multinationals

Since 1977, we’ve been offering customized solutions tailored to the unique needs of each industry. The objective? Enable you to concentrate on what truly counts: the growth of your company.

Sócio Fundador Gervásio Souza sorrindo de braços cruzados, vestindo camiseta formal branca.

Gervásio Souza


As the founder of OSP and possessing extensive accounting expertise, he represents the company as its ambassador. He has been collaborating with Brazilian industries for over four decades, engaging with various government departments.

Founding Partner Guilherme Pagotto smiling, wearing a white formal t-shirt.

Guilherme Pagotto

Entrepreneurial Partner

Lawyer and accountant, he has worked with Brazilian accounting for over 20 years. Responsible for the Commercial and New Business area. He is also a judge at the Tax and Fee Court (TIT) of Campinas.

Founding Partner Jonas Oliveira smiling, wearing a dark blue formal t-shirt.

Jonas Oliveira

Operational Manager

With a technology background, he is in charge of overseeing the company’s overall operations. His unwavering focus is on innovation, quality, and continuous enhancement.

Over 600 companies trust OSP

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Logotipo da empresa ecoBRISA®, indústria de climatizadores. O design apresenta a palavra 'climatizadores' em letras cinzas e finas na parte superior. Abaixo, o nome 'ecoBRISA' é destacado em letras grandes, com 'eco' em verde claro e 'BRISA' em azul. O logotipo também possui um símbolo de marca registrada (®) ao lado da palavra 'BRISA'.

What our clients say about our work

Logotipo da empresa Quality Machines, indústria de máquinas. O design apresenta a palavra 'QUALITY' em letras grandes e vermelhas, com um 'Q' estilizado que envolve um círculo. Abaixo, a palavra 'MACHINES' é escrita em letras pretas mais finas e menores.

Letícia Camargo

Financial Manager – Quality Machines

“We experienced a substantial increase in demand for Accounting and Tax services due to internal changes, and OSP demonstrated a strong commitment to delivering support in the most effective manner. They consistently ensured that our internal processes and requirements remained intact. In the Payroll department, deadlines are now being met more swiftly and with reduced rework.”

Logotipo da empresa Enza Zaiden, indústria de alimentos. Apresentando o nome 'ENZA ZAIDEN' em letras pretas na parte superior, abaixo um símbolo estilizado formado pelas letras 'E' e 'Z' interligadas em cores verde e amarelo, acompanhado por cinco círculos pretos alinhados horizontalmente na parte inferior, tudo sobre um fundo cinza claro.

Fausto Lopes

Administrative Manager- Enza Zaden

“Our company’s closing process has seen significant improvements with OSP. The delivery of results has become faster and more efficient. They also conducted critical reviews of entries, but typically, we were only consulted in exceptional situations, allowing the workflow to advance continuously. Moreover, their service remains consistently agile and proactive.”

Secure and efficient softwares

Seamless integration and paperless.

Logotipo da empresa SAP, criadora de softwares de gestão de empresas. Apresenta a sigla 'SAP' em letras brancas sobre um fundo azul em formato de retângulo com um canto superior direito cortado.
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Logotipo da empresa ORACLE, multinacional de tecnologia especializada no desenvolvimento e comercialização de hardware e softwares e de banco de dados. Apresentando em letras em caixa alta escrito ''ORACLE'' em um tom vivo de vermelho.
Logotipo da DATASUL, empresa pioneira no desenvolvimento e comercialização de soluções integradas de softwares de gestão empresarial. O logo tem um tom vermelho e um design geométrico que forma uma cruz e círculo combinados, abaixo do qual está escrito 'DATASUL' em letras maiúsculas.
Logo com ícone azul em forma de triângulos estilizados à esquerda, seguido pelo texto 'Microsoft Dynamics' em azul, representando o logotipo da empresa Microsoft Dynamics, uma linha de software da Microsoft destinado a gestão corporativa ERP, para ajudar na tomada de decisões gerenciais e melhorar os resultados administrativos e financeiros das empresas.
Logotipo da empresa Gestta a qual oferece sistemas para escritórios de contabilidade que reúne todo gerenciamento de tarefas e atendimento contábil com um ícone de marca de verificação em círculo azul à esquerda, seguido pelo texto 'gestta' em letras minúsculas azuis e cinzas.
Ícone preto estilizado de um retângulo com uma ponta dobrada à esquerda, seguido pelo texto 'TOTVS' em preto, representando o logotipo da empresa TOTVS, empresa multinacional de desenvolvimento de softwares de gestão.
Logotipo da empresa SIEG a qual oferece soluções de gestão de documentos fiscais no Brasil. Em letras grandes e azuis, com o subtítulo 'Soluções Inteligentes' em letras menores e azuis abaixo.

We understand your business, we help
you thrive, and we thrive too.

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Additional solutions in Accounting in Brazil

Here at OSP you will find several Brazilian accounting solutions for multinational companies that were designed to meet the most specific needs. We are committed to efficiency and results and, therefore, we work at every stage of the journey.

No Stress: We streamline the process of launching your business, handling all the paperwork and bureaucratic tasks so you can commence operations swiftly.

Customized Business Planning: We formulate tailored strategies for your business launch, guaranteeing you start off on the right foot.

Effective Tax Structuring: We design optimized tax frameworks to reduce tax liabilities during the initial stages of your business.

Consult with an Advisor to discover the most fitting solution for your company.

We help with the structuring and management of business groups, providing strategic guidance to optimize the operation and performance of the group as a whole. Speak to a consultant and find the solution that best suits you.

We collaborate with your company to formulate corporate strategies that optimize business efficiency and profitability.

Strategic Talent Acquisition: We identify and recruit top talent in your industry, aligning them with your business vision.

Robust Selection Procedures: We employ rigorous selection methodologies to ensure the presence of skilled and motivated professionals.

Progress with the Right Team: We assist in forming a strong team that will steer sustainable growth in your sector. Additionally, we oversee the complete training and management process.

Consult with an Advisor to discover the most appropriate solution for your company.

Flexible Workforce: We offer skilled temporary labor to address seasonal or project requirements in your sector.

Cost-Efficient Staffing: Cut personnel expenses by bringing in temporary staff as needed, without long-term obligations.

Specialized Experts: Rely on our extensive network of specialized professionals to tackle industry-specific challenges.

Consult with an Advisor to discover the most appropriate solution for your company.

Strategic Direction: We provide tailored consulting services to assist your industry in achieving its maximum potential by offering strategic guidance for well-informed decision-making.

Skill Enhancement: Our training programs are crafted to elevate your team’s abilities, enabling them to address continuously changing challenges and opportunities.

Customized Solutions: We tailor our consulting and training to your industry’s specific requirements, ensuring tangible and enduring outcomes.

Consult with an Advisor to discover the most appropriate solution for your company.

Tax Optimization: We conduct thorough analyses to pinpoint tax-saving opportunities, ensuring that your industry pays only the necessary taxes.

Effortless Compliance: We handle all tax responsibilities for your business, ensuring compliance with constantly evolving tax regulations.

Customized Tax Planning: We craft personalized tax strategies to minimize your tax burden and maximize your financial resources.

Consult with an Advisor and receive a complimentary analysis.

Effective Negotiations: We lead your industry through the entire mergers and acquisitions process, aiding in opportunity identification, negotiating advantageous terms, and ensuring seamless integration.

Thorough Analysis: We conduct in-depth analyses to evaluate the risks and opportunities associated with transactions, offering essential insights for well-informed decision-making.

Expansion Strategies: We help formulate post-acquisition strategies to promote growth and efficiency in your industry.

Consult with an Advisor to discover the most appropriate solution for your company.

Streamlined Global Trade: We simplify international trade, assisting your industry in navigating regulations, tariffs, and intricate logistics.

Market Expansion: We identify overseas market opportunities and offer support for your company to venture into new territories with confidence.

Risk Mitigation: We handle risks related to imports and exports, guaranteeing the resilience and efficiency of your supply chain.

Consult with an Advisor to discover the most appropriate solution for your growth.

Precise Asset Valuation: We conduct thorough asset valuations to offer a precise estimation of their value, crucial for transactions, estate planning, and more.

Investment Strategy: We aid in making well-informed investment decisions grounded in robust value analysis.

Negotiation Guidance: We offer valuable assistance during negotiations, ensuring you achieve the highest returns on your investments and assets.

Consult with an Advisor to discover the most suitable solution for your growth.

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